Four-Point System, a standard established under ASTM D5430, is a standardized Test Methods for fabric Visually Inspecting and Grading.

Four-Point System is adopted as the base of DQC fabric inspection system because it has received the widest acceptance in fabric inspection due to its practical,impartial, and worldwide recognized.

In the Four-Point System, a maximum of four penalty points can be assessed for any single defect and no linear yard can be assessed for any single defect and no linear yard can be assessed more than four points regardless of the number of defects within that piece.

Defects in both warp and fill directions will be assigned points under the following criteria.

1 point     -   Defects              up to 3"

2 points   -   Defects              >3"   ≤ 6"

3 points   -   Defects              >6"   ≤ 9"

4 points   -   Defects              >9"

Any defect of a continuous nature shall be assigned four points for each yard in which it occurs.

Severe defects are assigned the maximum four points for each yard in which they occur. Example: regardless of size, hole would be penalized four points.

Continuing conditions such as barre, side center side shading, roll to roll shading, narrow or irregular width, creasing and uneven finish shall be counted four points for every yard within the roll that is found to contain these conditions.

Four points shall be assigned to each yard of the inspected roll that contains this type of shading defect.

The maximum penalty for any one yard shall not be more than four points.

Individual rolls exceeding the specified point count level shall be graded as second quality. A shipment shall be failed the inspection if the shipment penalty count points exceed the specified point count level.

Any roll having a running or repeating defect through more than ten continuous yards shall be rejected regardless of point count.

No roll that contains more than four full width defects per one hundred linear yards, shall be accepted as first quality.

Any roll found to contain defects, in any increment of one hundred yards, withan average of more than one major defect per ten linear yards will be rejected.

No roll shall be accepted that contains a major defect in the first or last three yards of the rolls. A major defect is considered to be any three or four point defect.

No roll shall be accepted as first quality that exhibits a noticeable degree of lose or tightness along either or both selvedges, or ripples, puckers, folds or creases in the body of the fabric that would prevent the fabric from lying flat when being spread in a conventional manner.

Rolls with side to side, side center side, or end to end shading, must be no less than 4.0 Grey Scale rating according to the AATCC Grey Scale or meet client's requirement.